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Seize the Opportunity with Group-Buying Escapes

Group-buying is the fastest growing sector in the retail industry, with travel and leisure contributing significantly to its success. Group Buying Escapes is the leader in providing a full service solution to travel and tourism operators looking to drive incremental revenue.

Be Part Of It

Full service: our group buying specialists consult with you determine and deliver the best possible results depending upon your requirements plus we manage the enquiry, booking and documentation
Protect your rate: we deliver your product/service bundled in a package with tours, attractions and restaurants to retain rate integrity in the market
Air Affair: we can add airfares to deals to maintain your market integrity or to create opaque packages
No cost to you: we work with net rates and add our commission to this therefore the rate given to Group Buying Escapes is the only contribution required by you to get results
Size matters: As the biggest supplier to the leading group buying sites we are able to negotiate and extract the best exposure for our partners
Results driven: We can take one deal and manage it through numerous group buying sites until your volumes are reached
Patented Technology: our real-time online booking website displays live travel dates and inventory direct to potential buyers overcoming any concerns about availability plus our online booking engine maps inventory through your channel manager
Licensed Travel Agent: our fully accredited travel agency acts as an extension to your business

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